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Most Indian professionals welcome automation in jobs: Survey

MUMBAI: Using automation gradually gain ground, 87 percent of the respondents in a survey saw the process as having a positive effect on their current work situation.

“About 87 per cent of those surveyed view automation as a beneficial effect on their present work situation with 78 percent stating assurance in their future job prospects,” based on Michael Page India’s’India Automation’ report.

Despite marketplace reports of this anxiety around automation taking over occupations , the vast majority of the professionals surveyed were optimistic about keeping their employment.

“The government’s vision to construct an integrated learning platform to upskill the workforce at different career stages plays an integral part in simplifying employment dangers,” said Michael Page India Managing Director Nicolas Dumoulin.

The report researched 1,034 professionals from diverse industries like banking and financial services (17 percent ), engineering and manufacturing (11 percent ), finance and accounting (11 per cent) and healthcare and life sciences (10 percent ).

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The poll revealed that respondents were realistic about the probable challenges of automation and 85 percent were considering the purchase of new skills to remain relevant in their various businesses.

In the wake of automation, respondents anticipate the data security (38 percent ), e-commerce (28 per cent), fiscal technologies (25 per cent) and cellular communications (9 percent ) businesses to be the best job creators, it included.

According to the findings, the best three potential advantages of automation and robotics are increased speed (27 percent ), precision (24 percent ) and higher cost-efficiencies (24 per cent).

“Corporates embracing automation will open up doors to get newer skilled force at the strategic and entry levels. As we head towards 2030, there will be a paradigm change towards another digitisation revolution, in which the demand for extra speed and power to generate more will grow,” Dumoulin said.

He explained organisations will play a very important role in empowering their ability to adapt to changes.

“The workforce needs to be armed with innovative tools and training to empower themselves from the new digital world,” he added.

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