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About The Owners

As per one rumor, earth is held by the power of three points in the sky. No one knows about the truth. But for Tatvamasi automation it is true. We have three most powerful people named Mr Videsh jogani. Mr pragnesh vasoya and Mr. Alpesh babariya.

Under the guidance of them we can achieve our extraordinary targets and goals. They are technical as well as motivational guides.
When we started our industry, we couldn’t get perfect candidates for the work. It inspires you to start our own training center where we can train students as per industry requirement.

There are all the engineers on our team and also connected to the industries is our most powerful point that we can easily convert the students theoretical knowledge into industrial practical knowledge.

Mr. Alpesh (owner)

B. E.(Electrical Engineering)

Engineering is not so hard now a days. A simple technician can also perform a hard technical task. We don’t blame our education system. Because the potential inside you is the only motive force for you. Your excellence and technical power helps you in the industries.

Mr. Pragnesh (owner)

B. E.(Electronic & Communication)

Success need hard work by brain not by the body. Your achievement is only for temporary but knowledge is forever. The current industrial world has not asked you for your degree, or you an even not about your knowledge also. But they definitely ask for your knowledge about the implementation of technology.

Mr. Videsh(owner)

B. E.(Power Electronics)

Technology is everything. You have to be ever ready for change. The new era is totally different for social and more for industries. Modification is everything and the only way to survive in industries. Without specification and technological excellence your value in the market equal to zero. Be upgraded, be potential and be ready for change. Change must be started by you.